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Does Your Opinion Really Matter?

We all have opinions, thoughts, insights, and more importantly, we know what’s best. Right? Well, if we’re being honest with ourselves, not always. We’re human. Despite the fact we may think we’ve got it all figured out, there are times when our opinions don’t really matter.

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But consider those times when you know deep in your gut that you’re right. Your opinion should matter, right? It could significantly affect the course of business, client outcomes, productivity, or profitability. You have the perfect solution.

But why should anyone listen to you?

Why should your opinion really matter?

"Because I'm the boss," "Because I'm qualified," "Because I have the experience," may be convincing reasons to you, but not sufficient for others. Getting others to listen and take your advice isn’t as easy as simply flashing your credentials and voicing your thoughts. You must earn the listener’s trust. Whether that’s your team, your colleague, your clients, or your board, no one will give a hoot about your opinion until you’ve gained their trust.

Gaining someone’s trust begins with behaving in ways that cause them to like you and have confidence in you. Letting your hair down and offering others the opportunity to get to know the real you are initial ways to begin building trust. As you help them in little ways and show that you care about their opinions and success, you instill confidence. It encourages them to be authentic and bring their very best. Spend time getting to know others on a personal basis. Truly listen to them and show them that you care about them as a person and what is going on in their personal lives. These are just a few of the activities that instill trust.

Once trust is established, others will listen and thoughtfully consider what you have to say. Ideas that you have and the suggestions you impart take on and entirely new meaning. Respect is earned by the commitment you make to others' success. Then when you’ve forged that unbreakable bond, that heartfelt trust, then and only then your opinions will really matter.

Renwick Brutus' career has spanned roles as research economist, investment advisor, entrepreneur and consultant. He holds an MBA from Fordham University and has been recognized for his outstanding achievement in sales and business leadership. Today, Renwick applies his unique blend of business strategy and interpersonal skills to help individuals prosper and companies grow. He is actively engaged as an entrepreneur, advisor and executive coach to business leaders. Contact him by email and LinkedIn .

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