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We believe you should hear from our clients and peers. They have had different experiences and reasons for interacting with us. And they are able to provide an array of commentary that might help you gain an appreciation for who we are, what we do and how we might relate with you. As you read their accounts and observations, imagine how you might feel and the benefits you are likely to realize as we work with you too.

Confident Woman

Renwick provides brilliant observation, diagnosis and wisdom to the heart of a solution. His combination of experience, courage and intelligence are rare. I highly recommend Renwick to people looking for bold, innovative and no holds barred solutions to vexing issues.

Paul Cooperstein, Attorney and Business Counsellor

Renwick Brutus is one of those people that is able to empower people for success. Not just from text book knowledge but from living success and primarily focusing on helping others succeed. To watch Renwick present to an audience and observe them acknowledge his experience and ability for them to implement his teaching is powerful. In listening to one of his clients share his experience; "he does not just teach you through ideas, but real applied knowledge that is proven. The true benefit of learning from Renwick is he is real and makes you understand why and how to implement his experience."

Bill Ulvund, Chief Executive Officer MI House Detective, LLC

Renwick is the type of person you meet only once in your life. Whether you are talking sales, strategy or life, Renwick is a master of his craft. He is selfless, innovate and constantly striving to improve himself. His laughter and work ethic are infectious! I am proud to have had the privilege of working side by side with Renwick and I am even happier to consider him a friend.

David Fleming, Chief Design Officer at Code Blue Corporation

I have had the pleasure of knowing Renwick for several years now. He is truly a professional that demonstrates the value of going out of his way to help others. Since I first met Renwick, he has supported my business by providing training and assistance to my clients while on vacation here in Maui. I appreciate his help and support for everything he has done for my business.

Joann Seery, Owner, Business Network International Hawaii

Renwick is exceptional. He does everything at the highest level. I strongly recommend him as a consultant...

Joseph Horak, PhD, Family Business Consultant, Leadership Coach and Psychologist

Renwick has worked with Pleune to develop and advance management talent within the organization; he is deeply knowledgeable, highly articulate, and able to work with people effectively at multiple levels.

Ken Misiewicz, President & CEO of Pleune Service Company

The word I use to describe Renwick is "Gravity". He has the unique ability to attract and unite great people. His experience in business, his thought provoking questions, and his incredible gift for telling relevant stories, have provided me with insights that have catapulted my thinking, business strategy and ultimately, the profitability of my business enterprises. Whenever he is present, valuable ideas and people seem to emerge with greater volume and frequency.

Just recently, I told him with absolutely sincerity that looking back over the last two years, the benefits to me have been such that I would have willingly paid his fee at the start of our engagement, rather than have him wait to be paid monthly.

Even if you consider yourself to be an astute business owner or leader, I would encourage you to invite Renwick to participate in helping you refine your thinking, behavior and business strategies. You will leave each session gratified with your investment of time. Furthermore, he is so dedicated to helping business owners and leaders grow and succeed that he will help you find the gold in your gold mine.

Ed Krieger, President & CEO of Ayers Basement Systems

I have had the great pleasure of building a friendship and working relationship with Renwick for the past 11 years. I cannot begin to tell you how incredibly generous, authentic and insightful he is and what a powerful presence he brings to any engagement. If you are looking for someone to help you find freedom in your business and finances, turn to Renwick. He offers a trust-based, holistic approach to helping you move from where you are in your business and life to growing into a space where you are financially free and thriving in all that you do. I'm honored to call Renwick a friend and would highly recommend him to anyone for the following services: Keynote Speaking, Financial Consulting, Business Growth, Leadership Impact, and Team Fluidity.

Kim Monaghan, Career Happiness Consultant

Working with Renwick was a pleasure, he assisted me in many areas of business in management greatly improving my management skills, time management and overall effectiveness. It was time and effort well spent and I still use many of the techniques every day.

Michael Meddock, PE, CPSM - Regional VP at SME-USA

Renwick is an excellent adviser. His patient, focused, and sincere interest is helping businesses achieve their goals is invaluable.

Tom Dana, Digital Sea

Renwick Brutus is a self-made leader in the community. I have heard Renwick speak on 5 different occasions and have found him to be as engaging as any speaker. He is very organized with his topics and focuses on his audience. Renwick follows what my college speech professor taught, speak with..."room-filling energy." Reactions by the audiences are always "...inspiring, spirited and come away with something to do and think about.

Patrick Conroy, Collins Engineers, Inc.

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